Sytist Requirements Check

Checking hosting requirements for Sytist

PHP Version: The PHP version is ".phpversion().". Sytist requires PHP version 5.
"; } ?>
File Writable: This file is not writable which is needed for Sytist to work
"; } ?>
GD Library: It looks like the GD Library is not installed
"; } else { print $gd['GD Version']; } ?>
PHP Safe mode: It appears PHP safe mode is on. Sytist requires PHP safe mode to be off. You can contact your host and see if they can disable safe mode for your account.
"; }else{ print "Off"; } ?>


It appears this hosting does not meet the requirements for Sytist to work. If you want to double check, contact your hosting company or email [email protected] with your domain name and FTP information and we can take a look.
Looks like everything is good and Sytist should work fine on this hosting.
Additional PHP info
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Post Max size:
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