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All photo booths ARE NOT created equal: What you should ask other photo booth companies before hiring anyone.

(Our answers are right after each question)

1. What type of camera do you use?  We use Canon DSLR camera, not cheap webcams.

2. How long does it take you to set up your booth?  It take approximately 10 minutes to put the booth together.

3. Can I see pictures of your booth?  Of course.  You can find pictures of our booth on this website, Facebook, or schedule a time to demo the booth in our photography studio.

4. What type of printer do you use?  We use dye-sub printers.  These are the same printers you would find at a photo lab.

5. What is included in your price?  Our prices are listed below.  Unlike other companies we have no hidden fees.​  

6. Do you brand your photos?  We do not advertise our name or website on any of your event photos.  This is your event. 

7. What size are the photo booth strips?  Our printer cuts 2x6 inch strips. 

8. Do you carry backup equipment?  We are a photography company, and always have backup equipment. 


Unlike DJ run Photo Booths, we only staff our Booths with photographers.  You never have to worry about if your booth is set up correctly for your event.

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