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High School MusicalDHS Prom 2019TVS Prom 2019TCN Prom 2019DHS NHS 2019Dixie - Hello Dolly!TCN Winter Senior Night 2019DHS Winter Senior Night 2019TVS Winter Senior Night 2-12-19TCN Org PicturesDHS Org Pictures 2019The Ridge - Christmas MusicalDixie Holiday ConcertsThe Ridge Student WeekendDigestive SpecialistsDHS Dinner Theater 11-15-18TCN Drama 11-9-18DMS Org Pictures 2019DHS Homecoming Photo Booth 2018TVS Homecoming Photo Booth 2018TCN Fall Senior Night 2018Austin's Court of HonorTVS Fall Senior Night 2018TCN Homecoming Dance 2018TCN Homecoming Court 2018TCN Homecoming Parade and Bonfire 2018Dixie Senior Fall Night 2018TVS Homecoming Dance 2018TVS Homecoming Parade and Court 2018TVS Impaired Driving 2018Dixie Homecoming Dance 2018Dixie Homecoming Court 2018Dixie Parade and Bonfire 2018Kids Outdoor Day 2018Kids Jam 2018On Pointe Dance RecitalTCN Diplomas 2018TVS Graduation 2018TVS Diplomas 2018TCN Graduation 2018Dixie 2018 DiplomasDixie Graduation 2018Mothers Day at The RidgeDixie DERA Awards 2018TCN Drama 4-28-18TCN 2018 PromDixie 2018 PromTVS 2018 PromDixie Organization Pictures 2018Dixie Drama 2018Storybrooke Glass Slipper 3-10-18SWAT Fuel at The Arnold Sports Festival 2018DMS Group PicturesTCN Drama 2-24-18TVS Winter Senior Night 2018TCN Group Pictures 2018TCN MS Valentine Dance 2018TCN Winter Senior Night 2018DHS Winter Senior Night 2018Dixie Elementary Christmas Concert 2017Dixie Dinner Theater 2017Poch Bat MitzvahTVS Fall Senior Night 2017DHS Fall Senior Night 2017TCN Fall Senior Night 2017TCN Homecoming Parade and Bon Fire 2017DHS Homecoming Photo Booth 2017TVS Homecoming Photobooth 2017DHS Homecoming Dance 2017Ansonia Homecoming DanceTVS Homecoming Dance 2017TCN Homecoming Dance 2017TCN Homecoming Court 2017DHS Homecoming CourtDixie Homecoming Parade and Bonfire 2017TVS Homecoming Parade 2017TVS 2017 Diploma'sTVS Graduation 2017TCN Graduation 2017TCN 2017 Diploma'sDHS 2017 Diploma'sDHS Graduation 2017DHS NHS 2017Ansonia Prom 2017DHS Prom 2017TVS Prom 2017TCN Prom 2017Dixie Drama Presents Beauty and the BeastTCN Daddy Daughter Dance 2017TCN MS Valentines DanceDHS Group picturesTCN Group PicturesDixie Dinner Theater 2016Dixie Elementary Christmas ConcertTVS Fall Senior Night 2016DHS Fall Senior Night 2016TCN Fall Senior Night 2016Fairmont Senior NightDixie Homecoming BonfireTCN Homecoming Dance 2016DHS Homecoming Photo Booth 2016TVS Homecoming PhotoBoothTVS Homecoming Dance 2016TVS Homecoming Court 2016TVS Homecoming Parade 2016TCN Homecoming Court 2016Dixie Homecoming Parade 2016Dixie Homecoming Dance 2016Dixie Homecoming Court 2016TVS  2016 Diploma's2016 Indy 500TVS  2016 GraduationTCN 2016 GraduationTCN 2016 Diploma'sDixie 2016 Diploma'sDixie 2016 GraduationTCN Mother / DaughterDHS NHSDixie Senior SigningDERATCN Prom 2016Dixie Prom 2016TVS Prom 2016Dixie Groundbreaking CeremonyDixie Musical UnderstudyDixie Musical GodspellTCN Daddy Daughter Dance 2016DHS Mid-Winter Band Concert 2016DMS Mid-Winter Band 2016DHS Mid-Winter Choir Concert 2016DMS MidWinter Choir ConcertDHS Winter Senior NightTCN Winter Senior NightTVS Winter Senior NightPlagues in Concert 1-2-16DHS Winter Choir ConcertDHS Winter Band ConcertNT Yearbook PhotosTVS Winter Choir ConcertDES Christmas ConcertDHS Fall Choir ConcertDixie Dinner TheaterHearts Like ShadowsPlagues 11-21-15TCN Fall Senior NightDHS Fall Senior NightTVS Fall Senior NightDHS Fall Band ConcertDMS Fall Band ConcertDMS Fall Choir ConcertDHS Homecoming ParadeDHS Homecoming CourtTCN Homecoming CourtTCN Homecoming ParadeTVS Homecoming DanceTVS Homecoming ParadeTVS Homecoming CourtNew Lebanon Pink OutPlagues in ConcertPlaguesDHS HomecomingTCN HomecomingTVS Homecoming Photo Booth PicturesDHS Homecoming Photo Booth PicturesDMS Fall Dance Photo Booth PicturesDHS Org Pictures 2016TCN Org pictures 2016TCN Father Daughter Dance 2015AKSTVS Homecoming Parade 2015TVS HOMECOMING 2014TCN Graduation 2014TVS PromNTHS Names2021 Senior CompositesPS FOOTBALL SENIORSPS Football Mother SonRidge VBS